Steam Truck & Washer Truck

Thaw & Steam Clean!

Self contained mobile steamer & wash truck
Steam Trucks are equipt with:
  • Capable of producing wet and dry steam
  • Over 600 feet of drysteam hose with manifolds and wands (Additional hose available on request)
  • 450 feet of wash/wet steam hose
  • Intrinsically safe self powered steam heaters with electric fans (Ruffneck)
  • Chemical tank & sprayers to apply environmentally friendly degreaser or cleaner
  • 5m3 of onboard water storage to alow for maximum time washing or steaming before refill is needed
  • Multiple wash nozzles to wash any surface
  • Steam cleaning with hot water washing
  • 950,000 BTU burner
  • Truck and trailer fleet washing
  • Garbage bin area washing and cleaning
  • Line jetting and flushing
  • Heavy equipment clubroot sterilisation and cleaning
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